60fps Full HD IR IP Camera with Remote Focus and Zoom - ICA-4210P - Planet



60fps Full HD IR IP Camera with Remote Focus and Zoom - ICA-4210P - Planet


High Frame Rate (60fps) for Real-time Surveillance Applications
PLANET ICA-4210P Network Camera with Zero-lux Illuminator is a high-resolution camera for the round-the-clock surveillance over IP networks. It supports H.264 and JPEG compression formats and delivers excellent picture quality in Full HD resolutions at 60 frames per second (fps). Incorporating the new Exmor RS™ CMOS image sensor, which is specially designed for surveillance applications, the ICA-4210P provides high-quality images under all lighting conditions. It is perfect for remote and discreet monitoring of indoor areas such as stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies and warehouses.

Day & Night Functionality
To adapt to constantly changing lighting conditions, the ICA-4210P comes with a removable IR-cut filter and built-in low IR illuminators (0.01 lux), which enables the camera to provide color video when there is sufficient light, and black/white video in dark conditions. The ICA-4210P is able to maintain clear images 24 hours a day.

Exceptional Image Quality 
Together with powerful image processing attributes like True Wide Dynamic Range and 3D Digital Noise Reduction (3DNR) technology, the ICA-4210P is able to filter the intense backlight surrounding a subject and remove noises from video signal. It brings an extremely clear and exquisite picture quality even under any challenging lighting conditions.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor
When people pass by or in an emergency situation, the built-in PIR motion detection sensor in the ICA-4210P will “detect” and start recording automatically. It is able to detect movement as far as 6 meters away. When motion is detected in the specified areas, the additional function of alarm notification can send an e-mail alert or send captured images via FTP upload to a designated storage server.

Smart Focus with P-Iris
The ICA-4210P comes with the Smart Focus to make installation and adjustment easier by allowing remote focus and zoom adjustment. P-iris function works by a stepping motor controlled via software to automatically provide the best iris position for the best exposure time in all lighting conditions.

Face Detection and Cross Line Detection
Face Detection detects face and ignores anything else, such as buildings, cars and bodies. When a suspect enters a targeted area, his face is caught in the camera, thereby triggering an alarm. Cross Line Detection is an application especially suitable for general entrance and exit detection in low traffic areas. It detects objects such as persons and vehicles that cross a defined virtual line.

Camera Tampering and Audio Detection 
Provided with three individually configurable motion detection zones, the ICA-4210P can record video or trigger alarms and alerts when motion is detected in user-specified areas of the camera image. Also, its external microphone enables the system to capture the sound that is out of reach of camera’s surveillance range and to trigger the audio detection alarm when sounds like screams, glass breaking, etc are detected.

Advanced Event Management
To enhance surveillance flexibility and event management capabilities, the ICA-4210P supports a number of advanced features including auto-iris to avoid over exposure, AV out to perform the two-way audio function, RS485 to connect to an optional pan/tilt enclosure which effectively supports pan/tilt functionality, and inputs/outputs to connect with external devices such as door sensors and relays to activate light or close doors. 

Flexible Installation and Power Functionality
The ICA-4210P, incorporating IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard, is able to be powered via the network cable from a PoE power sourcing equipment such as PoE switch and PoE injector. It thus eliminates the need for extra power cables and reduces installation costs while increases the deployment flexibility. In addition, the ICA-4210P provides advanced features such as the Gigabit Ethernet transmission, giving users the utmost in bandwidth flexibility and storage efficiency. The ICA-4210P is ONVIF compliant and therefore interoperable with other manufacturers’ products. It also includes 64-CH central management software for ease of maintenance and remote monitoring. The ICA-4210P is indisputably the top choice for reliable and high-performance surveillance.


PLANET ICA-4210P can perform in various surveillance applications. With high-resolution design, it can capture clear images and is perfect for identifying objects and persons. Moreover, the ICA-4210P supports 802.3af PoE interface, and facilitates the indoor surveillance applications without worrying the electric source.

Its Save-to-NAS and Save-to-SD card makes you easy to save your data. Besides, NVR and Web UI management make you easy to do the configuration and live viewing. Moreover, viewing your baby on your smart phone would give you a peace of mind. 

Of course, this nice camera supports 802.3af PoE interface and facilitates the indoor surveillance applications without worrying the electric source. With so many features offered, the ICA-4210P no doubt is your best choice for indoor surveillance solution.


2014-08-01 1.0 ICA-4210P
2015-10-16 6.S.0.17192 NEW
- Support resolution 640x360
- Activex: record file can not play audio.
- After upgrading fw, the https doesn't run
- ONVIF: cancel EVBR
2014-06-30 6.S.0.13541 Initial Release
Quick Guide
2014-05-13 1.0 Initial Release
User's Manual
2014-06-18 1.0 Initial Release
2016-08-15 [Search Tool]

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