8 AC, Coax and Tel, AVM, Line Filtration - M8-AV-PRO - Panamax


8 AC, Coax and Tel, AVM, Line Filtration - M8-AV-PRO - Panamax

M8-AV-PRO eliminates voltage irregularities & protects your AV system.

Home Theater Power Management

AC power, telephone and coax lines can provide direct pathways for surges and spikes to enter and damage expensive audio/video equipment. M8-AV-PRO eliminates voltage irregularities & protects your AV system.

Reduces Cross-Contamination Between Components

The M8-AV-PRO is designed to provide noise isolation between the two isolated outlet banks so that any noise created by an A/V component in one bank cannot contaminate the power to the equipment that is plugged into the other outlet bank.

Monitors Incoming Line Voltage

Panamax's patented AVM circuitry continuously monitors the incoming line voltage and disconnects your equipment in the event of an over voltage or undervoltage (brownout). Power is automatically reconnected when voltage returns to a safe level, eliminating service calls or system downtime

Improves Picture and Sound Quality

The M8-AV-PRO's Power Cleaning and Premium Filtration eliminate common symptoms of contaminated power (including loss of detail, hisses, hums and visual artifacts) and allows your A/V equipment to perform up to its full capability.


Premium Filtration

Improves Picture and Sound. Provides clean power by filtering out noise common to household power.

Coax/Sat Protection

Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over Cable, Satellite, and Antenna lines.

Telephone/LAN Line Protection

Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over Telephone and network lines.

AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring)

Protects equipment against prolonged over/ under voltages by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns.

Surge Protection

Exclusive Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment

12 Volt Trigger

Allows source equipment to activate or deactivate outlets 5-8 on the M8-AV-PRO.

8 Outlets

More outlets for all of your power needs

Hi Def Ready

Hi-Def Designed to work with your High Definition system.


  • Family: Floor Models
  • Line Voltage: 120 (Volts)
  • BlueBOLT Enabled: No
  • Number of Outlets: 8
  • Outlet Descriptions: 
  • 4 outlets filtered and surge protected
    4 surge protected high current outlets
  • Control: On/Off control to all outlets through power switch. The high current bank can be controlled by the low voltage trigger.
  • USB Charging: N/A
  • Low Voltage Trigger: 12V In
  • AC Power Cord: 8 ft. captive cord
  • Dimensions: 12" L x 5" W x 1.75" H (12.5" L Including brackets)
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs

AC Protection
  • AC Protection Technology: Protect or Disconnect
    Automatic Voltage Monitoring
    L-N, L-G, N-G Protection Modes
    Thermal Fusing
  • Automatic Voltage Shutoff: Yes
  • Undervoltage Shutoff: 90 VAC ± 6 VAC
  • Over-Voltage Shutoff: 142 VAC ± 8 VAC
  • Maximum Current Rating: 15 (Amps)
  • Initial Clamping Level: 200V Peak

  • Filtration Technology: Common Mode Filter Circuit
  • Filtration Rating: 50 dB(100KHz - 1MHz)
    53 dB (100KHz - 1MHz)

Signal Line Protection
  • Signal Line Protection: 1 LAN/Tel
    2 Cable/Satellite

Shipping Info
  • Length: 11.8 (Inches)
  • Width: 9.3 (Inches)
  • Height: 2.4 (Inches)
  • Weight: 3.45 (Lbs)
  • Unit of Measure: Each
  • UPC: 050616008747
  • Master Pack Qty: 6

Other Specifications
  • Voltage Protection Rating (UL 1449 3rd Edition, 3,000A): 500V
  • UL991 Electronic Safety Circuit: Yes
  • Thermal Fusing: Yes
  • Single Pulse Energy Dissipation: 1875 Joules
  • Response Time: < 1n
  • Peak Impulse Current: 65,000 Amps
  • Patented Power Management Circuit: Yes
  • LAN Circuits
  • Wires Protected: Pins 1, 2, 3, & 6
  • Connectors: RJ-45 Shared with Telco
  • Connectors: Differential & Common Ground
  • Compatibility: 10/100bT
  • Clamping Level: 7V
  • Telco Protection
  • Wires Protected: 2 wire, 1 pair (4,5)
  • Suppression Modes: Metallic & Longitudinal
  • Fuseless / Auto-reseting: Yes
  • Connectors: RJ-45 Shared with LAN
  • Clamping Level: 260V
  • Capacitance: 30pf (approx.)
  • Universal Coaxial Protection
  • Shielded: Yes
  • Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB
  • Frequency Range: 5MHz - 2 GHz
  • Connections: Female "F", Gold Plated
  • Clamping Level: 75V
  • Bidirectional: Yes


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