Everyone knows the Condor is a revolutionary microphone array designed to declutter your collaboration space. You may have even chosen the product for that particular use case. Or perhaps it fit in perfectly with the aesthetics of your conference room.  What some people don’t know, however, is that Condor placement matters. Sure, they may know that it can be installed at the front of the room, but other factors can affect the performance of the array. We’ve put together some helpful hints in order to help optimize the Condor’s performance and your overall experience. Without further ado, we give you…

The Top 5 Performance Influencers for Condor Placement

1. Direct Air

Be sure not to install the Condor too close to an air shaft or vent. The AC could pop on or off at anytime; if this happens while the Condor is in use, the quality of your call might be compromised. Though the unit has noise cancelling capabilities, direct air will make it difficult for the Condor to avoid its pickup.

air vent

2. Line of sight

Don’t put anything in between you (aka the voice source) and the Condor. The product uses array technology, also known as beamforming. It focuses in on a narrow cone around the voice source, reducing interfering noises and reverberations. Thus, you don’t want anything to be blocking these beams. For example, if the Condor is placed underneath your monitor at the front of the room, do not place a camera or anything else in front of it.

Healthline Condor Placement Install

3. Reflective surface

If you can, avoid placing the Condor near any reflective surfaces. These include glass walls, windows, metal tables, etc. The Condor’s beams will bounce off these materials easily, creating a suboptimal performance environment for the array.

Glass wall conference room

4. Distance

The Condor has an impressive pickup range of up to 30 feet. Of course, this is a rough estimate; it really depends on the type of room and its acoustics. That said, the further the voice source goes past that 30 ft. optimum range, pickup accuracy will decrease. As long as you place the Condor within the recommended space, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Helmsley Trust Condor Placement Install

5. Common sense

Last, but not least, use your common sense. Take a look at your collaboration space and choose the best spot possible. Remember: the whole concept behind the Condor is to create a clutter-free conference room. Keep the setup simple and don’t overthink it.

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