2.4GHz 9dBi Omni-directional Antenna - ANT-OM9 - Planet



2.4GHz 9dBi Omni-directional Antenna - ANT-OM9 - Planet


Full 360° coverage with greater penetration
To effectively eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots, PLANET provides 9dBi high gain omni-directional antenna, the ANT-OM9, for the users who desire to expand the wireless coverage in large indoor space. The ANT-OM9 is a 2.4GHz High Gain Desktop Antenna with adjustable angle, high-quality textures and stylish design. It effectively enhances the performance and extends the radius distance of 360-degree horizontal coverage range of 802.11n equipment including not only AP / router device but also wireless USB / PCI adapter with built-in easy-to-attach RP-SMA connector. 


Optimizing Wi-Fi network by simply upgrading antenna
Compared with the traditional 3dBi antenna, the ANT-OM9 it is 2X stronger in signal strength and 3X longer in distance. The ANT-OM9 can be flexibly placed in any best-covered location; even the users place the wireless equipment in an invisible place, the signal still can get the excellent quality. With the ANT-OM9, the users can easily upgrade their existing wireless devices to be more powerful without having to pay extra to buy other equipment.


2014-08-01 1.0 ANT-OM9
More Information
Planet Technology
Speed (GHz)
2.4 GHz
Access Point/Camera/Data: Indoor/Outdoor
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