8-Port 10/100/1000Mbps + 2-Port 100/1000X SFP Managed Ethernet Switch - GSD-1020S - Planet



8-Port 10/100/1000Mbps + 2-Port 100/1000X SFP Managed Ethernet Switch - GSD-1020S - Planet


PLANET GSD-1020S is an 8-Port Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch with SFP interfaces specially designed to build a full Gigabit backbone to reliably transmit and forward data to remote network through fiber optic. It provides 8-Port 10/100/1000Base-T copper and 2 extra 100/1000Base-X SFP fiber optic interfaces with built-in power system. Besides support for 20Gbps switch fabric to handle extremely large amounts of video, voice and important data in a secure topology, the GSD-1020S provides user-friendly but advanced IPv6 / IPv4 management interfaces and abundant L2 / L4 switching functions. It is the best investment for businesses and SOHOs expanding or upgrading their network infrastructure. The features of enhanced management are shown below:
  ‧802.1X Authentication / RADIUS / TACACS+
  ‧802.1Q VLAN
  ‧SNMP Monitor and SNMP Trap
  ‧IGMP/MLD Snooping
  ‧Rapid Spanning Tree

IPv6 / IPv4 Full-functioned Secure Switch 
The GSD-1020S is the ideal solution to fulfilling the demand of IPv6 network implementation. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 management functions and can work with original network structure. It provides advanced Layer 2 to Layer 4 data switching and Quality of Service traffic control, Access Control List, network access control and authentication, and Secure Management features to safeguard the building of automation network connectivity with reliable switching recovery capability that is suitable for implementing fault tolerant and mesh network architectures. Therefore, the GSD-1020S Managed Ethernet Switch is also ideal for applications in the factory data centers and distributions.

Powerful Security
The GSD-1020S offers comprehensive Layer 2 to Layer 4 Access Control List (ACL) for enforcing security to the edge. It can be used to restrict network access by denying packets based on source and destination IP address, TCP/UDP ports or defined typical network applications. Its protection mechanism also comprises 802.1X port-basedauthentication, which can be deployed with RADIUS to ensure the port level security and block illegal users. With the Protected Port function, communication between edge ports can be prevented to guarantee user privacy. Port Security allows to limit the number of users on a given port. The network administrators can now construct highly secured corporate networks with considerably less time and effort than before.

Spanning Tree Protocol for Effective Network System
The GSD-1020S features strong rapid self-recovery capability to prevent interruptions and external intrusions. It incorporates Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1s MSTP) into customer’s automation network to enhance system reliability and uptime. 

Cost-effective Desktop Size / High-speed for FTTD Solution
The GSD-1020S provides high-performance edge service and plug-and-play design for FTTD (Fiber to the desktop) solutions. FTTD service is fiber optic cabling with reliable, expandable and low-cost wiring architectures, and long-distance capability. It supports dual-speed, 100Base-FX and 1000Base-SX/LX SFP (small form-factor pluggable) fiber-optic modules to connect fiber access point. It utilizes a compact form factor which can be mounted in a 19-inch rack with optional rack-mounting kits and placed on desktop, with the flexibility to install in the communication closet or major computer room for SMBs. The GSD-1020S supports SFP-DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitor) function that can easily monitor real-time parameters of the SFP for network administrator, such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage.


FTTX / MAN Application Switch
The GSD-1020S applies the double tag VLAN (Q-in-Q) technology to providing low cost and easy operation for service providers carrying traffic for multiple customers across their networks. It features SNMPv3 and RMON Groups security functions. The SNMPv3 security structure consists of security models and helps to isolate each model with its own security levels to enhance the security protections in the FTTX and MAN Network. With its two built-in dual-speed SFP slots, the deployment distance of the GSD-1020S can be extended from 550 meters (multi-mode fiber) to above 10/50/70/120 kilometers (single-mode fiber), thus providing a high-performance edge service for FTTx solutions. To build a network solution of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) for ISPs, and FTTB (Fiber to the Building) for enterprises, the various distances of SFP (small-form factor) and Bidi (WDM) transceivers are optional for customers’ choices. For security and various applications, the SFP ports of the GSD-1020S can be configured with VLAN settings and connected to different units, offices, floors, houses and departments.

MTU Switch
In an MTU/MDU application, the advanced functionality of the GSD-1020S eliminates traditional issues associated with the use of Ethernet. Users can be separated with advanced VLAN functionality to enhance security. The flexible mini-GBIC 1000Base-SX/LX module options make the GSD-1020S one of the best and most cost-effective Switch solutions for multi-tenant service providers.


2014-04-11 1.0 GSD-1020S
2015-02-26 1.0b150211 Supports auto mode for SFP slots.
Bug fixed – SNMP configuration could not be saved after reboot.
Quick Guide
2014-09-01 1.1 Add QR cord.
2014-03-28 1.0 Initial release.
User's Manual
2014-07-11 1.1 Initial release.
2014-04-11 1.0 Smart Discovery.
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