Become a Reseller

Why become a Reseller Partner?

Being present in manufacturing and the sourcing of technology for over 25 years, our team is committed to providing unparalleled service to our resellers and their customers, a rarity in the industry. Globall Distribution offers real premiums to your sales and comprehensive technical support before, during and after your installations and integrations. Our goal is to help you, your business, growth by offering a full range of high performance products and cutting-edge technologies to meet diverse markets. We offer a comprehensive program to our reseller partners, including staff training on our products, co-op programs, incentives for representative, a simple RMA program, etc.

What Products do you offer?


 Glob-All provides a wide range of business communications products: Hybrid Server phone systems that are digital or high-performance IP and a full range of affiliated phones, softphones software, hotel management systems, web presentation servers, remote support products, UPS, surge protectors and power bars.

 Information technology / Data

Glob-All provides a wide variety of business and residential computer products: NAS servers, unmanaged switches, L2, L3, L4, simple routers for the home, commercial routers including fiber optic routers, access points for companies, hospitals, industrial or residential, KVM products, protective ventilated cabinets against power surges, UPS, metro switches, fiber converters, coax solutions, solar equipment solutions, presentation gateways in VGA / HDMI .  We have a very wide range of high performance products and this, for all budgets.

 Security / Surveillance cameras

 Glob-All provides various monitoring products: surveillance cameras for residential, commercial, industrial, single PTZ dome vandal proof, analog, HD, 4K,, license plate detection, face recognition, night vision up to 80 meters, complete video editing software, NVR, DVR and more. Our partners Milesight and Planet Technology offer a complete range for all situations.

What is different from others about your Sales Department?

• We provide to your sales staff, full training on products in our Montreal facility, on-line or in house across Canada
• We conduct, on regular basis, Web presentations to your sales team on new products of just to refresh
• We work with you in your sales cycle by doing Web presentation to you and your customers
• We provide you full online technical support for pre or post sales, integration or installation
• We have sales incentive programs for our resellers
• We have periodic sales rebates to stimulate your potential customer base
• Our Sales Manager will visit your area and help you increase your market presence no matter how far your office is located 
• PDF brochures in English or French for your customers
• A reseller portal is available for downloading brochures, sales bulletins, images, logos, Power Point Presentations, Videos, etc.

And what about the Technical Department?

• We offer web technical training for full product certifications
• Web programming and refresher course trainings
• Full remote access for programming assistance and troubleshooting
• Product bulletin updates are sent regularly by email
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